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IMPORTANT: We do not treat
horses for slaughter!

Dear Customers,

die PferdeZahnPraxis is moving to the lovely Lüneburger Heide on the am 10.12.17:

PZZ Döhle
Katharina Ros
Dorfstr. 40
21272 Döhle
Appointments: only per E-Mail:, Emergencies telephone : 0170-1669976.

Before the move we are currently situated within the following practice

Drs. Heckert & Tekotte
Am Steinernen Kreuz 9
61118 Dortelweil

Please DO NOT contact the Heckert & Tekotte for appointments.

Directions Heckert & Tekotte:

Exit the B3 at Dortelweil
turn into "Am Steinernen Kreuz",
Follow the tarmaced road for 2 kilometers,
keep to the left until you reach the Stables.
Katharina Ros PZZ Riedmühle - Grossraum Frankfurt Tierarzt PZZ Riedmühle - Butzbach Tierarztin Katharina Ros PZZ Riedmühle - Butzbach Pferdetierarzt PZZ Riedmühle - Butzbach Pferdetierarztin PZZ Riedmühle  - Grossraum Frankfurt Tierarzt Equine Dentistry - Grossraum Frankfurt Tierarztin Equine Dentistry - Grossraum Frankfurt